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As a global leader in the ever-changing healthcare environment, 360 Health Services provides innovative solutions for hospitals, corporations, governments and the military, from point of care tests to medical and safety supplies. Backed by a state-of the-art distribution network, we provide unfettered access to inventory and value-based solutions, reinventing the industry as we connect our clients with the resources they need to tackle today’s most pressing medical supply challenges. As the world of medicine continues to evolve and our company continues to grow, we will rise to the challenge with integrity, attention to detail, and precision—the values upon which our company was founded.

Why Choose 360 Health Services

Fast Shipping

Our promise to provide exceptional service goes beyond ensuring the availability of products. We understand that in the medical realm, even a slight delay can have significant consequences. That’s why our logistics and delivery teams are constantly synchronized, working together to ensure that the journey from our warehouses to your facility is seamless and swift. In a world where time is invaluable, especially in life-saving situations, 360 Health Services doesn’t just deliver products—we deliver trust, peace of mind, and an unwavering commitment to the healthcare community. Every shipment we send out is a testament to our dedication to excellence and the trust you place in us.

Quality Products

At 360 Health Services, quality is the cornerstone of our product offerings. Our unwavering commitment ensures that healthcare professionals receive cutting-edge medical technology, empowering them to deliver superior patient care. As the consumer market evolves, we recognize the increasing demand for self-care and in-home health management solutions. By bridging this gap, we provide consumers and retailers with reliable tools to monitor and manage their health autonomously, with confidence. In every offering, our primary aim remains steadfast: to ensure that both medical professionals and individuals are equipped with premium-quality products that foster optimal health outcomes.

Helpful Customer Service

360 Health Services places paramount importance on stellar customer service, viewing each interaction as an opportunity to add value and build trust. Our team is equipped with a wealth of product knowledge, allowing us to offer invaluable insights and guidance on our extensive range of medical solutions. Understanding that each client has unique requirements, we prioritize providing tailored resources to ensure they can maximize the potential of every product. We’re aware that in the healthcare sector, a smooth order process can make a world of difference. From the moment an order is placed until its delivery, our dedicated team meticulously oversees each step, eliminating hurdles and swiftly resolving any issues that may arise. We aim to be your partners in care, committed to ensuring an unmatched and seamless experience every step of the way.

Community Support

At the peak of the pandemic, recognizing the acute needs of healthcare institutions, we swiftly stepped up by donating essential PPE and COVID tests to hospitals and service organizations. Our outreach wasn’t just a transaction—it was an expression of solidarity and our unwavering commitment to safeguarding public health. As a beacon in the healthcare sector, we continually monitor the pulse of community needs, ready to extend our resources and expertise. Giving back is deeply woven into our ethos, understanding that the healthcare community’s strength lies in collective action and mutual support. 360 Health Services stands resolutely committed to supporting our broader community, especially during pressing times.

Our Mission

With an optimized distribution network and relationships with top manufacturers in the modern healthcare environment, 360 Health Services caters to both the healthcare community and individual consumers. We provide cutting-edge medical technology for healthcare professionals, ensuring they have the tools they need to offer the best care possible. Concurrently, we resource the growing consumer market for self-care and in-home health management. Our commitment to service isn’t just about getting products out the door; it’s about timely, efficient delivery that meets the urgent needs of our clients. We recognize that time is often of the essence in the world of healthcare and strive to uphold this principle in every shipment we send. Beyond timely delivery, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer support, ensuring every interaction is helpful, informative, and seamless. As 360 Health Services experiences continued growth, we remain firmly planted in our sense of social responsibility. Giving back to the community is integral to our goal of shaping a healthier future for all. 360 Health Services is not just a provider; we are your partner in health, dedicated to bettering lives through innovation, service, and community engagement.

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Our Team

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